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Whether you have a spacious garden on the Peninsula or a cozy City garden, we Californians know that the landscape can be beautiful but challenging. 

Blessed with a temperate climate and breathtaking scenery, we must always be Earth-friendly and contend with drought, floods, wildfires, small garden spaces, poor soil and limited water supplies.

As LEED certified Professional Landscape Designers and Contractors, we create lush, inviting landscapes which complement our environment, conserve our precious resources and provide timeless beauty.  We listen to you.  We understand that every landscape is an outdoor living environment.

Your garden's health begins with healthy, living soil.  With proper plant selection, and healthy soil, you can have a beautiful, lush landscape that requires little or no irrigation!  By adding life to, feeding and protecting your soil - even hard clay soil - we can make your garden save water and be GREEN!  By improving your soils health, you can better make every drop of water count.

We can help!

Redwood Landscape, Inc.

A scary word, but we can and must be greener, including our gardens, just by using water wisely.  Let us help you keep your garden GREEN to the last drop!  

We know what the new rules on water usage are and what rebates and incentives are available to help you make your landscape more water efficient, while saving you money.  For over 36 years, we have designed, installed and upgraded irrigation systems using state the art technology, including low maintenance, reliable drip irrigation systems and subsurface drip systems for lawns!  Rain sensors, sprinkler & nozzle upgrades, smart controllers and affordable home based weather stations (rain gauges) are some of the ways that can help you water efficiently, conserve water and keep your garden green.  Rainwater harvesting and greywater systems can also be used to meet water conservation goals under current restrictions.